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The listed articles are offered on behalf of our customers, please contact us for further information

Siemens Sonoline® SL1, brown     Siemens Mobilett 
5.0 MHZ Sektor Probe mobile X-ray System
5.0 MHZ Linear Probe 30 KW 
Videoprinter Mitsubishi  
Price: € 3.800,--   Price: € 5.500,-- 
good condition excluding Transport
Siemens Siremobil 2 Siemens Vertix U X-ray system
surgical C-arm 30 KW Polyphos Generator
Price: € 3.000,--  Price: € 10.800,-- 
  Surgical Laser, Unilas Fa. Limmer, t 1994

without guarantee, sale for customer

Price: € 1.800,-- 

Siemens SL Probes Siemens SL 1 Probes
5.0 MHZ Linear Probe, 10 cm Sector Probe 5.0MHZ
very good condition good condition 
Price: € 1.500,--  Price: € 2.600,--
Storz Calcutript  
elektrohydraulic Lithotriptor

inclusive shown parts


no guarantee, sale for customer

Price: € 1.800,--


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